iPad Screen Protector LCD Screen Guard with Anti-reflective and Scratch-proof for Apple iPad (PET material )

Product By Brainydeal

iPad Screen Protector LCD Screen Guard with Anti-reflective and Scratch-proof for Apple iPad (PET material )

Technical Details

  • Compatible with All Ipad Models, High quality PET material giving you the best protection
  • Scratch-proof, Dust repelling, Finger print free
  • Bubble-free application, Improves handwriting recognition, Anti-reflective
  • Package Include: 1pcs Screen Protector For Apple Ipad, 1pcs cleaning cloth

More Detail

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“Very satisfied with product” 2010-09-19
By MYamo

No more finger prints all over the screen. Huge plus.

Anti-glare does its job and reduces the glare. But there is a slight drop in the sharpness of the image.

BrainyDeal sent the item via USPS within the expected date of delivery.


If you use your fingernail or stylus, it will scuff up the surface. But I was able to remove the scuff using the cloth that came with the package.

I’m giving it a 4-star for getting scuffed up and slight drop in sharpness of the image but I would recommend this product. It’s definitely worth the price you pay.


When the instruction says don’t touch the adhesive side, they really mean it. I touched bottom corner of the adhesive side and that portion does not stick to the ipad nicely. So be careful when you peel the sticker apart.

I did not have problems with bubbles as some of the other users have complained about.

“Great product!” 2010-09-17
By fast27
Absolutely great product!!! At first I wasn’t sure about the anti-reflective screen guard got iPad, but once I finished putting it in place, removed bubbles and tiny amount of lint, it looks fantastic!!!!

(hint: Apply from the bottom of the iPad to the top. ALSO, if dust gets under film during application, lift up a corner using regular scotch tape and with another piece of tape try to remove particle/hair)

In the end, I’m very happy with this screen guard. This is how much they should cost!!! $10-20?!? No thanks!

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